Last night, I lost the plot for a while. A brainstorm. In my youth and with drugs or alcohol added. the Brainstorm was a deadly thing with me and I was very capable of doing and saying things which had serous consequences. Last night, I let loose on Facebook for a little and that was just about it. I didn’t attack any specific person and the content of what I said is true for me. In a calmer mood, I have other techniques for dealing with it. 

Its very hot today. Unexpectedly. I am at home for the entire day alone. When the late afternoon comes as it has now, I am still inclined to a brief depression.A flat aloneness. It passes quickly, too. I have fresh eggs for dinner, from the chooks that run free here and the rest of the soup made for me. 

Last night, the fireflies came up from the swamp. I shall be looking for them when darkness comes tonight. 


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