Here we go again. Another death. Throughout my recovery I have spoken of the ” baddest man in the world”, the man who got me into rehab. He was clean when I left my home in the country and took a Red Rattler train to the city from our town in the country and he was waiting for me at Sydney’s Central Station with my brother when I got there at 5.30 am on a cold morning.

I had rung him the night before and he had said ” get the F out of there and I will lead you by your little hand to safety”. And I did it. A very curious thing to do. Follow the “baddest man I knew”. They popped me into a rehab unit at a mental hospital with a carton of smokes and $10 and left me there. Saving my life.

He didn’t stay clean. His girlfriend used and died. Janis – one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen.  And he has been using on and off for a very long time now.  My ex husband contacted me this week to say he just ODed and died.

This has been a very heavy year, deathwise.


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