After months of sunny days and blue skies, today is clouded and grey. It seemed to me when I woke, that the whole idea of moving was foolish. That I was over reacting and could make more of a mess than not.

An hour or two into being up and about, it doesn’t look quite that way to me. Take small steps – they say. No hurry – they say. Really ? says I. Really ?

How can I save this day from the Mood I am descending into ? I am entering familiar territory of money panic and accommodation panic.

I do not need to enter familiar territory on this Journey.  I need to enter new territory and a new way of thinking.


OK that’s 2 phone calls made. I don’t quite know how to do the next bit. Pete called to see whether I need a lift but I am OK to drive. I haven’t been able to reach Kate. We were to inspect the Hostel today but maybe we won’t.

Do a meeting, Lynne. Do a meeting.

Think afterwards.  Not before.



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