ra cupI slept well and long. I think I am more tired than I know but when I stay home to rest my head gets going at me. Today, Natalie is to come and give me a massage – another generous gift in these times.  I don’t quite know where in the house we will fit but we will.

The Kids say they are coming earlier to do a trailer load of rubbish and connect the gas for me. I used up a whole tank in a few weeks.

I have ordered my shopping online and it is to be delivered tomorrow afternoon. Tuesday I see the Manager of Rumble Village. She intimidates me. Then I might very well book the storage bay – but not today.

owls and cup2

Today is – sit a while.

Drink a cup of tea from the Royal Albert Rose cup that Dorothey gave me. Wait for the Kids or ask Pete if he can connect the gas. Then wait for Natalie and have a massage.

Maybe I will wrap a little more. Maybe I will hang out the washing.

The day begins. No drugs. No grog.  Little heater on. ABC Radio online.

Cela suffice. Skuzbucket.


Phantoms of Fear whisper around me and I am dodgy as I was many years ago in Bondi Halfway. That’s when I was given the nickname Skuz. Going sideways at things I could come to directly. I shall improve. Probably.


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