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I woke somewhat happier this morning for a couple of reasons.

One was that I recognised one of the things that had been troubling me about me. I thought i must have been purely greedy. Then I understood that I wanted some of the musical equipment to be set up for the Rumblings. That’s what he had been putting together and to make the hall gig ready.

I like myself rather better this morning than I have been doing. The Green Mike stand on the Stage and his lights and sound system as he wished. Its all gone but it will return in some form for us because it was a good and proper dream and he had put lots of time and work into it.

I have full videos of the Funeral courtesy of Ruth, Sandra and Leona and pics from Peter. They won’t upload today due to YouTube problems but they are fine things so they are. People say some excellent stuff about him. We had a ball didn’t we. Iz ?


Meeting Michael from Phoenix last night sparked something within me.  Phoenix and New York and Boston and Paris are all at my fingertips. We will still let ‘er RIP, Iz. One way or another. There are other countries and people and a whole new way of being for us.


As for me – as I pass through Life – i remain open to the next changings. I shall begin a new step journey and see where it leads me. I’m using the step 4 prayer but I shall also return to step One – consciously – for my 27th birthday. That’s on Tuesday. Might try the Step a Month which has always worked for me before and led me into mighty things.

So we will begin with Step One.

I admit I am powerless over Izzy’s death and it has made my life unmanageable.

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