James Mclean
JULY 3, 2014 AT 10:32 PM
I knew peter know when he played at the wayside chapel sunday nites in the cross then in the 69ers funny man warm just a true funny gentle man.he was was just peter who looked like frank zappa we all thought in 67.

he was a funny man he used to have my friends and I in stitches and I remember the ball pants vibes et condolences to u all and i can only imagine if there is a heaven what would saint peter make of peter !!! is he for real!!!.


Lynne I couldn’t make it on Saturday but I dragged me butt down to the Annandale Hotel , the last place I saw Izzy Foreal perform to have a beer, close my eyes and try to remember good times…. And bugger me when I opened em again I saw another guy who I remember from a few inner sydney pubs who was doing tha same…. We chatted for an hour or so about some of the pubs we saw the Zarsoffs at…..I wonder how many pubs did this same thing occur….?

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