We did a lot of sitting  and chatting. In cafes, in the Vans and at home. We did the Coast of NSW North to South with wee overlaps into Queensland and Victoria. I like the photographs of us 7 years older just as much as I like these ones.

Tonight I sit alone. I was accustomed to doing so for a very long time before Izzy came my way and now I needs must grow accustomed to it once more.

These days, at least, we have Internet and Facebook. I sat for hours with the Eden Crew today while we attended to affairs in our respective homes.

It makes a difference. I also slept in till afternoon and that has made a big difference.

Hey, Iz. I need to get the car registered and that CV joint repaired. Remember we were meant to do that on the Monday ?  The Westnet Bill will come out of this pay. You said we were not in money trouble but we kind of are.

And I am tired, Iz. My hair is thin like yours and shorter. Just like yours went.  I have nose bleeds again and my vision is blurring as that cataract grows.

Do you think you could help me find someplace safe to live. And beautiful. Where the Kids like to visit. And where I have unlimited fast internet. Fast enough to reach you – wherever you are now.

The new mattress is really good. The heater is really good too.

I am going to bed early tonight.  See you in my dreams.




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