The yard looks a mess but it don’t matter anymore. I had the Girls in yesterday to pack some more and today I dragged out plastic tubs and found all manner of things. Old drawings and papers. I got a letter about the Old Age Pension and thought I would not have a birth certificate and then I stumbled upon a folder with heaps of official documents in it.

I have , at times in the past, been very well organised.  am dragging out old Lynne to see what we put together now. I spoke longtimes with Robynne and I also booked a motel in Sawtell for Friday Night. The AA Rally is on in the park next door. I was going to book a cabin but they were $150 per night and the motel is $130 and has wi-fi and is classy.

My Girls are all sick with the flu. I don’t know of anything I can do to help them. Kate sounds crook and the Baby is very unhappy.

The house begins to feel lighter and cleaner. I begin to see daylight. I have paid the rent, booked the car fora rego check, made a doctor’s appointment and the Eye specialist as well.

Now its dark and I have cooked and eaten chicken breasts and rice cream.  Its not so cold as it has been and I am sleepy already.

I still don’t know where I am going to live but it is handed over.  And I wish you were not dead, Izzy. I wish you were not dead.

I am staying in step 3 tonight. My scrap of paper for today said – APPLY INTELLIGENCE TO YOUR LIFE.

I think I have done that today.

Now for a glass of milk and then bed.

I wonder where my sea chest has gone to.


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