Well, Iz, another Rumbling done. They seem rather odd without you but they continue and there were some touching moments today. George is keeping up the good work as well as keeping his eye on a wee cottage which “might” come through for me. Matt Preo and Ree came and Matt does you and himself proud as his vision continues to fail. he says Raleigh Rumblings is the Highlight of his month.  They are doing a trip much like the one we had planned. Down into Victoria and then back to Bega.

Sandra lent him her guitar for his spot today. His pickup is broken and he don’t have the money to fix it. Hopefully, the Musos have some ideas for him.

A woman came along today and sang. She had a lovely voice. Her name was Lindy and I didn’t know her.

Keith Longman was there on drums and I was thinking about that day at Taylor’s Arm Pub with No Beer when you recognised his drumming after 40 years and from a distance.

He sang STAND BY ME and the tears came unexpected. We have been ripped off, Iz. You and me and Sandra.

Terry Walker was back with us and a man called Sales, Greg Sales played bass and sang and he was good. I think you would have liked the things that happened there today – except its being George’s old equipment which freaked you out.

I am home now. Kate and Co came in the morning and got Jim’s pushbike so that IMM could take Saf riding on their bikes along the path in Urunga. I have a photo Kate took. I shall see where it is and post it here. Saf has made good use of the bike now.  Lots of things that you wanted to happen have happened. There is more to come and more to be done, Izzy.


Would you like some windchimes up in your spot in Bongil Bongil ? Proper WINDSONG Chimes ? I shall get you some. They said they will give me a discount for you. I would like the music to be up there with you. The Girls have the ashes but I have you and the Forest. Its been raining all week and I think your Place will be green and fresh now.

Last night there were 20 of us at dinner at CHILLI AFFAIR. How’s that , eh ?

I am tired now but the EXOTIC MARIGOLD HOTEL is on. Remember we saw it in Sawtell at the old cinema before it closed down.  I shall watch it I think and see what ideas come because I am surely a bit lost.

No worries. This Sunday is done and one more Rumble. I am clean and sober although Marn had his wine in a soft drink bottle and left a glass near me and I would have liked to be able to collapse into it – but only in a fleeting moment kind of way. I know how deep the collapse would be and how vicious.

Peter brought me a garbage bin with liners and will take the rubbish out for me on weekends.

Good Night, Iz. Good Night to you.



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