PATH WALK THE BLOCK path kate and saf DSCF1522

We looked again today at the little  flat. My blood runs cold and I feel as if I am losing out and will be buried alive in a cul de sac amongst steep hills and other houses.

But I once felt that way at Brigalow and it worked out very well and I loved it. So – perhaps this too will work.

That’s it , Iz through the trees as the back of the Kids’ Block.  Saffy thinks I should live there and the vision of the child is as good as any I can get for myself.  Maybe I need to be the transitional person for her between Brierfield and North Bello.

The day is almost done. The fridge is lurking still.

As Old Fred said – ” Lots of little bits of love from lots of people adds up to the same as one big lot of love from one person. ”

I had lots of little bits of love today from lots of people.

And we ate at the Tavern.



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