I don’t know what to say about this time of my life. Except those words from above. All day yesterday and all day today, my Kids have packed things for Izzy’s girls.  And whether they thank us or not, we have done the right thing , packed all the things which have been precious to them and I am in the position of being a Mother so proud of her children that she doesn’t know what to do or say.  

I sit, incapable of helping at all and just delight in us all being together. I just wish the Poppy was here as well. I still don’t know whether I am going to make it through or not – But – Iz – what delightful times. I am so glad that for some odd reason I spent that last month being particularly kind and gentle with you. Its not something I always do. And now – just enjoy each day, Lynne. Whatever shape you are in on that day. Migod I hated the Medical Wards – barbaric. THE ICU they tell me was wonderful to me. But the Medical is disgusting.

And now evening comes and my boy is still working.  Oh My !

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