Today the Home Care People come for the first time. The Kids are in Bellingen and I am here. I am fully dressed with shoes on. The shoes we bought in June from the Chandler at Coffs Jetty. Didn’t know why we were buying deck shoes for a yacht but now they give me grip on my tiles while I am unsteady on my feet. My hair seems longer again and thicker. The Lad bought me new shampoo and conditioner.

Today I feel the best I have. Haven’t used the walking frame at all. Did a load of washing. Showered standing up and washed my hair.

I have used all these images because mine is the only head I currently have access to for pics and I am trying to work out who I am, Who is this woman remaining. My eyes are different and lines are deeply etched.

The cramps which I have had for months have gone and I can begin to do some light exercise. My nose is less bood blocked than for a very long time and I am not breathing too badly.

I have been out in the yard and the white climbing rose is in flower.

I do believe that it is going to hail in a short while. I don’t think this one is going to skid around the valley and miss us – but you never know.

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The storm went out to sea. This is easily the best I have felt. So far !  The Home care Lass came and she is delightful and vibrant. Mind you, we didn’t get any cleaning done. She made my bed for me. And we yaaned for an hour full on. Excellent.  I won’t even tell you what we yaaned about because its her business – but some hand other mine is at work in this one.

Now I feel like dancing.


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