Another Spring Day with the Kids. Washing cars and laughing. I got Alfie registered and insured and he is outside now but I am not going to drive quite yet.

I  feel financial anxiety touching me but really I just cannot afford to get tense and anxious or I shall end up in a mess again. So – something will work out.

There have only been two people I have not liked throughout this. I still don’t.

We play. We laugh. We love.

I need to slow my personal expectations back down because I am very weary tonight. The storm did miss us but it hit Sydney savagely.

The Niece and the Doc sent me a gift – Northern Exposure – my favourite TV show.

The Cousin from the Cap sent me a Bohemienne reed infuser from Peters of Kensington.

I shall bring in some meditative discipline now. I can feel the tendrils of over hasty “recovering ” wrapping round my ankles.  Stand still. Just like being amongst bluebottles. DO NOT PANIC about anything Lynne.


Do the physical exercises. Laugh and love with your close people. ENJOY YOURSELF.


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