Tony – ICUsteps

Happy to say, after the sterling work of the hospital teams, I have made a good recovery and I have been encouraged to set out below an account of the “amazing journey” I took through that week in ITU – as journey I shall never forget!Mid-afternoon at a clandestine medical research location embedded in the concourse of Macclesfield Station in brilliant sunshine it was always in brilliant sunshine – could it really have been Macclesfield – my doubts had been planted. I did know we were in a railway station though – I could often hear the express trains thundering through the station on the tracks beneath us. On this day, my wife and sister Ahh! – real world element of story had come to visit my bedside.”Oh! that looks better” says my wife to my sister, seeing my eyes open and the lack of breathing support equipment – “How are you feeling? “she said, turning to me.”Fine.” I replied, “Do I look like a Lanchester Roadster to you?””No” says my sister, laughing out loudly.I turned to my wife and whispered – “Get me out of here, – these people are evil. They’re conducting the weirdest of experiments on me and I don’t think they care if I die or survive – take me home – Please!””I’m sure nobody wants to hurt you, these people have been working wonders to save your life and they are doing a fantastic job.” she replied – blissfully unaware of the great danger I was facing.

via Tony – ICUsteps.

via Tony – ICUsteps.


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