TOTALLY kaput today. Fully leaving the Spirits in Charge. There is heavy smoke here. They say there are no fires nearby but the smoke is exceedingly dense. I am so weary and near tears. Danni comes to clean today and I had a call from A Donovan about speaking to some Elders. Doc referred me to it.

I haven’t heard back from the Real Estate Agent and will need to speak to Jenni. I was asked to go and meet Max but I just had no oomph to do so.

I am not thinking of anything today. All worn out into a trifle of foolishness.

Soon I shall simply read and sleep and hope.

One smokey day. Bev says she will help with a garage sale. I was thinking that if I get the beach shack – I shall get a removalist to take everything there and we can have a garage sale from there.

First – I have to get it.


smoke 3

smoke smoke2


One thought on “SMOKEY DAY AT HOME”

  1. Because you want the beach house,I just hope of hopes you get it.
    I can’t see why not.
    🙏 please God,if it’s meant to be.

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