11th Step Meditation – 12 Step Recovery Meditation

The 11th Step on the 11th Step JourneyBy Randy F.We have worked our way through all of the Steps learning to apply the 11th Step Meditation approach through each of the steps. We have learned that we suffer from a spiritual disease and we must learn to constantly turn our attention to God and away from ourselves if we are to learn to live a new life. We strive to be detached from our PersonalSelf and to express our SpiritSelf.To live a spiritual life is very different from the life that we have learned and practiced our entire time up until this moment.  This new way of living does not happen without resistance from our PersonalSelf. We will find all kinds of distractions and excuses why we should not or cannot take the actions to lead a spiritual life.  Persistence and patience are keywords as we strive to create and maintain a conscious contact with our Higher Power.  We have learned and practiced concentration and meditation techniques that provide us with the tools and the foundation to continue building our 11th Step approach to life. Because we have practiced developing our 11th step understanding, throughout each of the steps, we have slowly expanded our knowledge of the spiritual actions and concepts of each of the steps with meditations to help express these spiritual qualities within us and outwardly in our lives. Now is the moment to see what the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous suggests about working 11th Step.

via 11th Step Meditation – 12 Step Recovery Meditation.

via 11th Step Meditation – 12 Step Recovery Meditation.


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