martells road

Every moment I have a 3rd Step decision to make – do I take the well worn path of my old habits, the path of my defective habits, or , do I take the new, less traveled path toward Higher Power, love and a new way of living? When I am in closer “conscious contact,” more connected, I make the decision toward Higher Power more easily and more often.

A cloudy and cool day and I reckon roundup has been sprayed around and that would be enough to cause this blood I have and hair and itch.  Its raining lightly and very pleasant indeed. I am going back to bed and doing some

Step 11 stuff.

The 11th Step on the 11th Step Journey

By Randy F.

Step 1: Pause, listen to the breath, detach from the moment. “I relax and let go.”

Step 2: Focus on the area around my heart, practice feeling the loving presence of your Higher Power. “I am in the presence of my Higher Power.”

Step 3: Then, let go of the bondage of self, ask my Higher Power for guidance, and listen. “I am making decisions to align with my Higher Powers will.”



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