Well that was a buggar of a day. I thought I was OK but then took a strange turn and collapsed. Pete came to the door to say he was taking the garbage and saw I was in trouble. Got me water and then I must have gone back to sleep because Jen came over and said she had been keeping a watch on me.

I feel pretty wretched. Luckily Nic has turned up to stay for the night and she got me sports drink and sweets and will be back for the night. They will do dinner and make sure I am OK.

Tomorrow is our Unity Day at North Beach. It is 35 degrees here today. Mega hot.  I feel really crook – its just a matter of hanging in for the night.

The Eden people have done the Whale Festival and the Brierfield People are baking hot like I am.

One day, Lynne. Don’t worry or fret. Just hang in.


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