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Hmmm. Where are things at now ? I have pain and bleeding back today. It makes things a struggle. The Northern Manager of Masonic Aged Care rang today and I liked her. I am beaten again. No news of the house has come and I cannot do this anymore. Sandra came and took me up into the Bongil Bongil Forest to Izzy’s Place. Its so peaceful there. I wanted to do some thinking and I did.

I don’t think I can manage here on my own and I don’t think I can manage any house on my own anymore. Bum!

I am going to look at Bellorama . I am considering going in for respite. Back to where we were before Raleigh didn’t come through.

Tonight is Facetime and Kathy is there as well which is a happy thing.

Surrender Lynne, Give it up. Leave the Spirits in charge, Reckon I am too crook to be home alone.

Lets hope I surrender before Death this time.


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