Waking up from a Coma

Waking up from a ComaMaking a Comeback: What happens after the coma? What will I face when the person ‘wakes up’ from a coma?Every head injury is unique. The brain is the greatest wonder and a very complicated organ. Therefore it cannot be expected to heal as fast as a broken leg. It takes time to heal. A traumatic Brain Injury survivor might go through different and sometimes upsetting stages of recovery.Physical Needs:Like a new-born baby, the survivor might wake up in the night, put things in their mouths, have problems knowing when they need to use the toilet and struggle with balance. It takes time for normal functions to come back. Emotional Needs:Sometimes the survivor may have outbursts of anger. This is difficult to handle and some family members may get angry or scared in response. However, after the outburst the survivor usually can’t remember what they have said – it was the brain injury shouting, not the person you love and care for. It is a waste of time and energy to argue with them or take what they said personally, because at this stage they can’t take responsibility for their moods.

via Waking up from a Coma.

via Waking up from a Coma.


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