Off we go.

THERE YOU GO. One busy day. A few major achievements.

We walked a long way.

Kate got her tyres done.

My eyes are good except for the cataract which will be removed early 2015.

I asked after the young technician instead of only talking about myself.

That is a day of achievement.

And I had a very touching moment when 2 Urunga residents greeted us in Maccas and then came across and hugged me  and said ” I am so glad you are back. I have always held you in high regard”. Quiet tears falling. From me as well.

MiGod its been tough hasn’t it ?


Then I had 2 people ask me to remove posts which had them in it. Odd ideas people have about the internet. I could say and do much worse than I do with public material . My “Learned Helplessness” really must go again.

 It has cost me and my kids dearly in financial and emotional terms following Izzy’s death and I don’t intend to continue to do it. A little more strength each day. A little more dignity. A little less Woos.


They say a 3 day heatwave is about to hit. Maybe I will have my first swim.


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