Walking the Labyrinth of Our Minds. | elephant journal

I like to think of life as a journey, a meandering path full of adventures and experiences, joy and sorrow, pain and laughter.Every morning we open our eyes to a new stretch of the journey. We set our feet upon the ground, willing to take one more step on the road of our lives.We take a deep breath to welcome the new day, and embark upon another stream of decisions—however minute or subconscious they may be—that direct the course of our existence. Every instant, we cloak ourselves in a particular mental and emotional charge that determines the color of our lives, and brings us to the next bend in the labyrinth.But this labyrinth is not in the physical world. Its walls are not made of brick and stone, its pathways not lined with flowering hedges. It is entirely in our minds. The limiting boundaries enclosing our steps arise out of the beliefs we hold. And the junctions we come to are nothing but the options that spring forth from our thinking.It is the labyrinth of our own creation, its ethereal outline spiraling in and out of eternity. It’s Minotaur, mystical half-man, half-beast of ancient Greece, is the embodiment of our fears, waiting for us in the shadows. He roams through the darkest corners of our mind, in a faraway place we secretly hope never to find.So we wander on the outskirts of the labyrinth of our lives, pretending we know where we are going

via Walking the Labyrinth of Our Minds. | elephant journal.

via Walking the Labyrinth of Our Minds. | elephant journal.


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