DSCF2873 boat and kate clovers

Hey, Iz, it looks like I might have a new home. A little one, Iz, that I can afford and maintain.And near the water which I love. I will know tomorrow. Shall I take the Van there or not ? It has character and charm and good walks and maybe I can get a canoe or a kayak. The mobile had reception and there is a landline outlet .  What else do I need to consider, Iz ? Let me think. First up – 100 points of ID. Take them in tomorrow. Get price for moving a caravan.

I think its going to be good. 

Here are the things I figured would be involved.

1. Take a look and see whether you really want it. Do as Marian once said. Stand at the doorway and ask yourself ” Can I be happy here ? ”  So far from the outside I think I can. Even with sandflies.

The answer was YES. And Kare thought so as well. YES I could be very happy there. The real old Urunga feel to it.

2. Get references ready. That can be done tonight

I provided references. Now I have Jen’s phone number and I have spoken honestly with her. Now I need to gather the 100 points ID.

3. Speak to my lovely Landpeople here.

That is done.  I like these people.

4. Speak to removalists. Maybe Coffs after all.

OK. The next stage. See what they charge. Do that tomorrow.

5. Find out how to move caravans.

I can try Sinc’s advice and Reibel’s. Or even Grandpa.

6. Do some more packing and ask John to take a trailer load to the Tip.

Begin tomorrow.

7. Basically for now. Just get referee numbers and send a verification email to Hookers.

Next thing is to begin asking people for help.




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