Give Thanks for the Gifts of This Day

The second step of the Examen is giving thanks. For Ignatius, gratitude is the first, most important step on the spiritual journey. An attitude of gratitude, practiced often enough, helps us find God in all things and can transform the way we look at our life and at other people.

The Grace I Seek

I pray for the following graces: wonder at God’s ongoing creation; gratitude for the gift of God creating me and creating the world.

Review the Day

Review the day and name the blessings, from the most significant and obvious to the more common and ordinary. God (not the devil) is found in the details, so be very specific! As you take stock, honour the gifts of others in your life, but don’t forget to recognize the gifts in you, for they, too, are God given.

Don’t feel that you must mechanically go through the day hour by hour or make a list of all the day’s gifts. Instead, savor whatever gifts God shows you. With God’s gentle guidance, let the day go through you.


It was a just for today kind of a day and therefore it worked.

Its night now and near bedtime. Time to review the day.

And I am sticking with blessings today.

I apologised to two people I may have offended.

The Eden people are eating out at a fancy restaurant just like Izzy used to do with us. Well done, Son – says I.

My girl rang this morning and the Saf was in her school uniform that she will wear next year when she starts at Primary School.  She offered to go shopping for me but I had friends coming to take me to Bello Meeting and was able to tell her I was OK today and take some pressure off her.

This afternoon, Jak and Tai picked me up and we went to 5 Church St and had one of my favourite drinks. Lime ginger and something else. Then the Green Grocers where I got some excellent food and drink.

And I was at peace and had people to talk to. The Irish Musos were playing outside Kombu. I could  hear the tin whistle. People stopped and talked to me and hugged me.

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