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I took these shots today. Nothing specially inspirational but it could be the last time I am here and seeing the lawns mown and the yard somewhat as Izzy liked it to be. I am gradually dismantling the dreams we had here and selecting the pieces that can come with me, farewelling the pieces that are either staying here or gone with Iz. I am packing everything up and when I get to the Beachshack – I will see what we can build.

Thunder is rumbling round and I can smell something – like sulphur ? Is that the smell people talk about with storms ? I rarely smell anything. I am having my first drink of ginger ale ever. Attention to the minutiae is keeping me sane.

feelings : I have had a peaceful day. How good is that ? A Shabbos. I feel good when I live this way. I will be so glad to be in an organized life again. I so dislike the muddle. I am waery. So – feel good today. Clean and lawns in order courtesy of John next door. Clothes washed and hung and bed changed.

emotions :  Peace here in my own good life.

desires : well – here we go. I desire HOME. A sanctuary. With affairs in order. The essence of what Iz and I created here. I desire decency and dignity and joy. Now stay in the day. What has attracted you within this Sunday ? The order of home. The yards beautiful. Quiet and peace. Internet working fast and well. Clean clothes and house.

attractions : I am attracted today to Shabbos. Writing . Pictures. Summer fruit,

repulsions :  greed and mallce . The hoarding . Lack of generosity of spirit, They repel me.

Moods : calm today.

wonder at God’s ongoing creation; gratitude for the gift of God creating me and creating the world



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