FOOT2I don’t feel so well today. In fact I feel as crook as a chook. I didn’t go out at all not even to Meeting or Eda’s birthday. I culd do Online NA now but my head is back in Muddle Mode. Sandra came round and she reckons we can do it in trailers and vans. George says the same so we will give it a go.

But I feel crook as a chook. I am happy enough but not well. My Auntie Betty called. She is being such a sweetheart. I love her for it.

Kate called twice and she’s as sweet as Auntie Bet and I love her too.

But tonight – swollen, pain filled, blur eyed with chest congestion.

Liss messaged several times. She is likewise sweet and I love her as well.

I met Franc from next door when I was getting hamburger from North Beach. She was there with Jed and we had a good talk. We hadn’t done that before.

Alison is coming to pack for a couple of hours on Sunday.  George brought the cross for Izzy’s Spot. Its painted white so I think we will paint things on it but I don’t know what as yet.Maybe people can add things like we did with his coffin. There is an idea. Makes me sick , this sorrowing and moving.

I need oil paint then and textas.

Maybe the people who come and help move can add their Graffiti and Maybe I can take it to Raleigh Rumble on Sunday.


Hey Iz. George made a cross for you. And we will decorate it all bright like you liked. I am still trying to work out a way to handle yr lasses that would be what you wanted but I haven’t managed to do so yet. For now, we will grieve on in our own ways. Who should I give the lights to ? And the mike stands ?  Our friends say they can do the Move and I am inclined to let them. Its part of it for all of us, I guess. I don’t suppose you could consider coming back and just being here for a bit, could you ? We are doing the Rumble on Sunday and Ree is coming to help me. Matt is going to perform even though his vision is far worse.

Sandy is coming tomorrow to start taking rubbish away. Maddy opened a new Instagram Page for you to keep your memory alive that way.  I think I told you that Jim took the Girls out for dinner to a fancy restaurant, just like you would have done. Good Night, My Iz.  Saf has one pupil bigger than the other.


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