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Nothing to say tonight

Then again – I need to say goodnight to you, Iz. The day has passed and we were busy again. Brett came and I gave him your lights and mike stands. I told him how much you liked playing with him. Nola came and cleaned your room. I will show you what she said.

Nola Harris Gee thanks for the compliment,I had a good day thinking as I wiped the walls and brushed the cobwebs that I could soak up some good Izzy and Lynne vibe, all the love fun and knowledge you two shared in that house, thank you

She is looking good Iz. And the room is almost bare now The little girls had the busking amp in there and the mike and they sang and danced. Saf has found the secret cupboard in the desk. It is not as bad tonight as it was last night. Today a phone call came and I thought it was your voice. That was a nasty moment. But now I am tired and will go to bed. Good Night , Iz. I miss you.


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