Just  short note early in the morning to say that a good sleep has cleared my head and emotions enough to go on. Good Morning World.  The sun  rises.  I have classic FM on and the weather is perfect, Let me consider the day ahead. Last night my brain escaped for  a while and tears flowed. Tears need to flow.This morning is alright.

The day ahead – I have 2 bags of winter clothes to carry over to the Caravan . Kate is coming and Nola and Brett and I do believe that is a Rosella over on the front fence. That means more packing and cleaning. I have lost my hair product. I am giving Brett and his band Izzy’s lights. I need also to send An email to Soz re picking up their last load and the seats.

On awakening let us think about the twenty-four hours ahead. We consider our plans for the day. Before we begin, we ask God to direct our thinking, especially asking that it be divorced from self-pity, dishonest or self-seeking motives. Under these conditions we can employ our mental faculties with assurance, for after all God gave us brains to use. Our thought-life will be placed on a much higher plane when our thinking is cleared of wrong motives.

In thinking about our day we may face indecision. We may not be able to determine which course to take. Here we ask God for inspiration, an intuitive thought or a decision. We relax and take it easy. We don’t struggle. We are often surprised how the right answers come after we have tried this for a while.

What used to be the hunch or the occasional inspiration gradually becomes a working part of the mind. Being still inexperienced and having just made conscious contact with God, it is not probable that we are going to be inspired at all times. We might pay for this presumption in all sorts of absurd actions and ideas. Nevertheless, we find that our thinking will, as time passes, be more and more on the plane of inspiration. We come to rely upon it.

We usually conclude the period of meditation with a prayer that we be shown all through the day what our next step is to be, that we be given whatever we need to take care of such problems. We ask especially for freedom from self-will, and are careful to make no request for ourselves only. We may ask for ourselves, however, if others will be helped. We are careful never to pray for our own selfish ends. Many of us have wasted a lot of time doing that and it doesn’t work. You can easily see why.

If circumstances warrant, we ask our wives or friends to join us in morning meditation. If we belong to a religious denomination which requires a definite morning devotion, we attend to that also. If not members of religious bodies, we sometimes select and memorize a few set prayers which emphasize the principles we have been discussing. There are many helpful books also. Suggestions about these may be obtained from one’s priest, minister, or rabbi. Be quick to see where religious people are right. Make use of what they offer.

As we go through the day we pause, when agitated or doubtful, and ask for the right thought or action. We constantly remind ourselves we are no longer

running the show, humbly saying to ourselves many times each day “Thy will be done.” We are then in much less danger of excitement, fear, anger, worry, self-pity, or foolish decisions. We become much more efficient. We do not tire so easily, for we are not burning up energy foolishly as we did when we were trying to arrange life to suit ourselves.

It works – it really does.

We alcoholics are undisciplined. So we let God discipline us in the simple way we have just outlined.

I have taken 2 bags over to the caravan and a bag of doonahs into the Alfa. Washing is hung and more on being finished. I shall continue on my room in a minute. Its a lovely morning. I’m scared of the move despite having moved so many times before. Scared of the house alone and setting it up and all manner of foolish things. Kate tells me we will get my food in order once I have moved. The diet her Dad is on has given him new life.  He is all over the country with a new lover and energy where only a couple of years back, death looked certain.

That sounds like another load of washing finished. I am able to do some small things this morning. That feels good. Some contribution from me.

LETS SEE what happens if I do one day of staying optimistic. About EVERYTHING.



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