Good Morning. Little bit by little bit , Lynne.

I bring a bit in and then I bring another bit in. How do I describe the deep joy I have in this place ? The summer sounds, the water within sight. Tides a’coming in and going out. Lush sub-tropical plants .  Okay. Next load Lass. Next Load.

Scanner hooked up. Yes sirree. The hand one can wait.

THE girls are coming now. We will see what we see. There was a blue wren in the backyard and his mate. And some kind of ground bird. I am making dents in the load. Not big dents but dents nonetheless. Lets see if I can move the coffee table next to the day bed,

That area looks good now but the afternoon has been all tropical storms and there is more coming. Kate unpacked more and more boxes and Clara played with me but Saf has stayed with her Nana Bev again. I feel much better today. Kirsty tells me that Raleigh is finished. Just the outside to do. Pete and Eda and Liss and her.

I don’t want to go back at all but I have negotiations to carry out with Jen and Peter. Probably.

 Maybe I do not have to go back AT ALL. Maybe I can just stay here and get strong. The storms are coming over again. i do believe that I shall take a hot shower and put some warm clothes on. I could duck downtown but I feel too tired even to do that.

The clouds have cleared and the air is sweet. Frangipanis are in bloom and a plover just took a walk up past me. Then turned and returned to wherever he came from.

DSC06536 DSC06534

I took a drive downtown. Shopped a little. I have a hammer now but there are no nails for sale in town. I have picture hanging kits and cup hooks. The weather is coming over all wild again. Here we go.  I still don’t have curtains hung. The next clouds look even heavier.

Hey, Iz. I am doing Xmas as best I can this year. I know you loved it and so do the Kids. Its a bit tough because you were booked to do Xmas in July on the night you died. I have your hats and the tree you bought and all the lights and ornaments etc. I will carry it off as well as I am able.  Saffy hasn’t been here yet. I think she doesn’t want Raleigh to be over. She stays with Nana Bev when they come down. Next visit we will put up the Xmas Tree and maybe that will make it a sweeter experience for her. Ah, Iz. I think I am safe now. I think I can do it here. You know, my Love, I might get a wee boat – a kayak or canoe. Maybe I can paddle.  Hey Iz this wi fi modem internet is mega fast.


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