I had a stream of visitors today. Good people and somewhere towards the ending of the day , I realised just how much I have been carried across the Void by the People this year. UNDERNEATH WERE THE EVERLASTING ARMS. How many times have I not had an interest in whether or not I went on?  And the someone would be there and do or say something and I would go another mile. It has not appealed to me to continue without being cherished. Without the gentle approval and steadfast love of my Man.

I know the world of living alone. I am even rather good at it. But – I thought I had found Companion. Now – I am back to jiggling and juggling money and turning to tell him something only to find myself alone.  I sit here in the quietness and beauty of my new home and – I wish he were here.  I am tired now. Tired enough for my thoughts to be wandering into the Wilderness so I had best sleep. God Bless each one of you.


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