And today, Kate came and blew up the Lilo and he inflatable boat.  Then we tackled the lagoon but it went arse up and I cramped up in the boat and all manner of disasters followed.

lilo blow

I have made it through the day again and it was another rough one. There are fecking big spiders around and the front door fell off its hinge – pretty much and I was seized by more painful cramps – while I was out in the boat.

I ain’t giving up. Sure as heck would like to but I ain’t. I figure I might be seriously overtired and not even identifying it. Might sentence myself to a week at home again and see what happens. Just the shops is all.

Sinc fixed my washing machine. Pete fixed my door. Kate got the vessels floatable. Its almost the last day of the year.

I have a picture drawn by a little girl and I shall put it up in my bedroom on our art wall. A large beetle is bashing around the house. Its Summertime. We saw soldier crabs today – scuttling along but the tide wasn’t the best and things went askew. I do believe I am cracking up – but deal is to stay alive and clean and sober one more day and bugger the rest – even the seemingly important stuff.  I have some praying to do tonight. I ain’t telling you what about.

I am having fun tonight. No pain. No cramping. Some further acceptance and some head sorting.  Come on Girl, keep coming through . She’s a bit of a  narrow passage but if we don’t freak out – we can make it.

I am still getting the Summer I dreamed of.


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