In fact – this year. 2015 has a sane numerical feel to if for me.

I have come past some interesting places in my sailing of the week. Lots of moods of sadness.DSCF3777

I thought the Kids would be here and I thought the other kids would be here  more often.  It hasn’t been that way and I had best adjust myself to that. They have devoted much of their year to me and my troubles. I had best work out what I intend to do now.

HOARD NOTHING – says today’s reading. HOARD NOTHING. Well I didn’t hoard the money and it is all gone now. No evil will befall me. The afternoon has turned sweet with a slight southerly breeze. I have blu tacced the washing machine leak and its holding for the moment. It would all be a fabulous adventure if I hadn’t done it so many times before.

IN Fact it still is an adventure and I am of a lonely disposition – so that’s fine. Towamba has gone home now so Eden is off Facetime till the weekend. Into swimmers for me and a quick dip.

Well – I didn’t dip at all. I went to the Chemist and bought Saf’s birthday present. I like buying locally when I can and the sweet child wrapped it for me and made it tres girly.  Then I went cruising around.

Now I am going fishing with S and D. For a while. None of us has the money for Eden to come visit and I am right royally pissed off about it.  Izzy would have managed something. He always did.


That’s me fishing with Drew on sunset in the lagoon. We got wet and tangled and sandy and now I am OK for one more night.  We were rained on while we were out at the end of the footbridge and we hightailed it back to shore but not until a wheelchair flew past us on the footbridge. And then we were all laughing and talking in the darkening and the damp. And we were happy.


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