There you go, Iz. It was a good day. A small day and our little girl was happy and beautiful. You wouldn’t know Clara now. She walks and runs and laughs  and swims. We had a little lunch here after Saf’s swimming lesson. The Summer Hill Girls were here visiting and they made mini pizzas and a sign for her. I got some  really nice stuff from the chemist and she did like it.  A lot. Then we went out on the lagoon on my lilo and the boogie boards. I got a credit card, Iz with a $1000 limit. I have never had one before. I am thinking that if Eden does want to come – that would get them there because you Super Money still hasn’t come so I am figuring X may well have challenged it again.

Tonight is hot again but sweet. I shall come up into the forest soon, Iz. There has been plenty of rain and I think your place will look pretty good now. I have a stunning garden here but, as you know, I don’t actually like gardening – just the gardens.

I am sleepy now. Drinking cold water. Watching inane TV. listening for the gentle noises of the night. Our girl is 5 years old.

Heather Rose and Muzza passed on an audio cd to me. Zarsoffs in 1991 . Yella Rock. But I don’t know how to upload it. I don’t think you have head this one, Iz. Its pretty good. I shall ask Zarsoff Fans. Mark Gibson says he will put it up on the webpage for you, Iz. God you have left me a strange legacy.


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