GIRLS2 saf lagoon

I cannot tell you how glad I am to have moved. I think the pain and stress were close to breaking me. I am still doing NOTHING this week – nothing official or business like.

I WANT to act. I WANT to contact Superannuation and N.C. about legal matters and the ATO and my Doctor and Home Care and a whole batch of organising matters. I want to FEEL as if I have power and some degree of power but months of being stressed and failing in doing these things have convinced me to take some time off.  Time off from any attempts to fix my own life while I get my energies in to some sort of order.

Time off whilst I do some considering of powerlessness and unmanageability. My own.

I am also taking myself to a very careful living of one day at a time. And by Careful – I mean conscious. Joyfully.  Aware of rabbits and ducks and children. Of my daughter polishing my floorboards and oiling them and of the tides coming in and out.

Back in the 1990s, early 1990s, a Maroubra Doctor planted that seed in my mind. I said to him – I shall give myself a gentle day –  and he looked at me and said that he had promised himself a gentle life – watching the tides come in and go out.

And Flo had said to me to go home and live in a van by the water and fish.

So for the rest of this week, that’s what I am doing. Healing. The business matters – I shall attend to them next week – perhaps.  Or maybe I am permanently beaten this time. Just maybe.


News from the psyche ***
Valid during many months: This is a period of profound emotional experiences, which should be extremely positive and creative for your overall growth and evolution. You are concerned with making your life more profound and emotionally rewarding. No longer satisfied with living at the surface, you want to feel in your heart everything that until now you have understood only with your mind. At the same time your mental understanding will become more profound because it will be based on intuition as well as on logic. This deepening experience of life will affect your relationships as well. In fact it may very well bring about an important new relationship, which may or may not be sexual. In any case you can be sure it will be emotionally profound and a positive learning experience in which you will discover a great deal about your inner psyche.Even your existing relationships will now have a great deal more emotional content than they have had and will become the source of much self-discovery. Again you need have little fear for the stability of these relationships.The most important discovery you will make about yourself during this time concerns the workings of your subconscious patterns, the unconscious habits and patterns that you carry from your past. This is an excellent time for psychotherapy or other consciousness-expanding therapies. It is not that you need them necessarily, but they would be extremely effective at this time.In your personal and home life you will have a chance to make positive changes. You can make repairs, construct new buildings and generally expand your activities. Your home life should be deeper and more emotionally rewarding now than at other times. This is often a good time for buying real estate, especially if you plan to live on it.
Transit selected for today (by user):
Pluto trine Moon, ,
activity period mid-February 2014 until mid-December 2015

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