One more week. I wonder how many weeks it is now. It was a Saturday Morning that he ran off.

Today was grey and wettish again. Soggy by now. My Girls came and Sandy and the Lad. They brought the Rumbling Gear for Sunday and my Girls and me had lunch.  I haven’t anything wise to say lately. Nothing much to say at all about anything much. I don’t know anything. I keep going. Go to the Doctor. Chat to people. Have lunch. Its better here by far. Even though I seem benumbed and becalmed – it feels normal. I have been through so many things in Urunga. It feels like Home is meant to feel even in the crunchiness of Times. Once a member of the family attempted suicide just a few doors down and then was institutionalised. He is well now – very well.

I don’t know how many lovers I have spent time with here in this street. Hang on – I shall count. 6 maybe. Long term ones. I have lived in 5-6 houses in this one street as well as the house at Hungry Head which is technically on the same road. Nope – Another 2 as well – forgot Delray and the Pilot House Flat upstairs as well as 3 downstairs.

Its like a steady background for an unsteady time.

The Eden People stay with me on Facetime and show me all the things they are doing. Grounded. I am grounded by them all.

I have one leg swollen with pinprick rash and a throb on the left side of my head which has been affected since the coma. The cough seems reduced tonight but I did see a young doctor.

Grief! Illness ! Home !

DSCF4543 10922628_10152662440751342_3876674471290807252_n (1)


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