THIS Morning I am upgrading my level of vigilance of how I am and greatly downgrading my expectations of myself. It is a very beautiful day. Once more I introduced the Rumble into the picture and once more the very thought of it overwhelmed me so I make the decision here and now – NO MORE RUMBLING.

I took the container over with tea and coffee etc and left it on the doorstep like an unwanted infant. I thought that on the way back i would look in on Urunga Markets and then realised I am not up for that either. So I am home and H. J. is coming to visit.

THE CHALKBOARD OF MY LIFE is a little messy and needs to be dusted off totally and washed. Then start again.

Commit to nothing at all.

NOTHING, Lynne. Don’t be light about this. You saw Izzy die.  COMMIT TO NOTHING. As Bede once told you he did.


I didn’t do Raleigh. Heg came and we talked and laughed and looked for contacts.  Then we ate sardines on rye bread and drank sparkling mineral water and then we went to the lagoon on the very high tide and lay in the water. Startled a stingray or two and saw fish. Sandy and the Lad popped by and tonight I went with  LH and the little girl to the Urunga Bowlo where I had my favourite childhood meal – crumbed lamb cutlets. Hug moved out today and I can feel the absence. I liked his being across the street. Now its late and hot and I am sleepy . Day done.


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