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The day went sweetly and i had the best of times. The Girls came when i thought they weren’t coming again on the weekend and we had bread rolls and played and talked and Facetimed Eden and swam. I hung the Mozzie net and for me it was one happy day. The last load is gone from the shed at Raleigh and  Susan’s niece has moved in with her partner.

Well, Iz. We lifted the little fridge up on top of the freezer and I hung the mozzie net Kirsty has lent me. The girls seemed to enjoy themselves more today and we had a n ice lunch. Its harder without you. You knew how to make things work. But I think you would like it here. If you had made it, I could have show you the best running tracks and cafes on the way. You could have had your little boats here , too. I don’t know what we would have done a bout music equipment but we would have worked it out. Good Night , Sweet Sleeper. Good Night.


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