Once again I am awake in the early hours of morning. I have once again made contact with someone I knew when I was young. She tells me of her brother who has died from liver failure and I sit face to face with it as I often do. It adds to the passionate delight I have in each day. The savouring of the wooden floors and the passing trains. It brings me to staying awake long past my bedtime. One more drop of life. One more moon. One more weekend with my family in Eden. One more visit from my Girls.

It is pressing me to develop all the many small ways of living which add depth to my day. To me. I eat. I drink.. I move about. And I sit and watch the tree. Tonight there is not even the smallest chime from the windchimes. I had things I wanted to do with Izzy but now I am again alone as I have so often been. Listening to the ocean.  Wrapping up oose ends of my past which I didn’t even know were loose.

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