It has paid off – the hands off – do nothing which seems urgent – let it go – technique has paid off. The cheque was in the mail and there was more than I dared hope for. Now I sit quietly and I grow into the shape of it. This is a chance for me to be OK. I had a massage today from Ruth Fahey and I did a meeting. All is well. Fundamentally all is well. Then I will ensure that the Kombi is not in my name and see about tax. and then , for now, maybe we are done.

Ah Iz. Its been a long haul and its been ugly and sad but you have now given me some security and I can begin attending to the damage done. I wonder whether its too early to go to bed. I’m quiet with receipt of the long awaited and serious in my considerations.  The cramping pains have hit me twice today with people about. Ruth massaged and it went away but I was sobbing with the pain. Then on the phone to Jon it hit in a foot and once again I wept.

But I am quiet now and will go to bed very early.



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