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It was an easy and simple love affair in many ways.

Another day which has stopped me with the heart drop into immobility. I know there is a meeting to go to – and I’m not. I know there is swimming just outside my door – but I am not going swimming. I know there are people for me – but I don’t care. Eden is on Facetime and that helps. As for the rest. Its Valentine’s Day. Iz. I don’t like life without you as much as  liked life with you. You would love this garden and yard and the runs and restaurants. Sandra is playing at Anchors’ tonight and for sure we would be there. You were a Romantic and I loved it.  Today I have stayed in all day and tonight I shall do likewise. There is ginger and turmeric blooming and many small tomatoes.

The Eden folk have gone to Tura where the Indian Restaurant has re-opened. They have left Facetime on for me to watch their stove and hear their TV.

Its a lovely evening coming in. I shall be alright. Now and then I need to descend into your lost arms and rest there awhile before I emerge and continue.

I wonder whether I could start the lawnmower myself. I shall try tomorrow and see. The little plain birds are coming to the trees now. The winter birds that Laurie Van Loo once loved. I might not have a meal tonight. I might just go the protein and see how I go with that. Soon I shall shower and dress in pyjamas. Then make a shake with egg in it. Maybe I will make some ginger tea. I guess the Eden people will come home and put Facetime on again till they go to bed. It keeps me sane that overlap with ordinary life.  Add to that my Internet life and I do OK. Not so lonely as I was in other Times.  Not so isolated.

OLD FELLA ROO just hopped on past. He startles me every time. Off down the track he went. The Eden People are back with their Indian Food from Tura Beach and I have chicken Kiev in the oven. Just doing the days . Just doing the days.



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