The signs and symptoms of postherpetic neuralgia are generally limited to the area of your skin where the shingles outbreak first occurred — most commonly in a band around your trunk, usually on just one side of your body.

Signs and symptoms may include:

  • Pain. The pain associated with postherpetic neuralgia most commonly has been described as burning, sharp and jabbing, or deep and aching.
  • Sensitivity to light touch. People who have postherpetic neuralgia often cannot bear even the touch of clothing on the affected skin, a condition called allodynia.
  • Itching and numbness. Less commonly, postherpetic neuralgia can produce an itchy feeling or numbness.
  • Weakness or paralysis. In rare cases, you might also experience muscle weakness or paralysis if the nerves involved also control muscle movement.


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Once you’ve had chickenpox, the virus that caused it remains in your body for the rest of your life. As you grow older, the virus can reactivate. Sometimes this occurs when your body is stressed — because of another infection or due to medications that suppress your immune system, for example. The result is shingles. Because you have some immunity against the virus, rather than getting a full body rash, the rash occurs in areas of skin supplied by the nerve where the virus is reactivated.

Postherpetic neuralgia occurs if your nerve fibers are damaged during an outbreak of shingles. Damaged fibers aren’t able to send messages from your skin to your brain as they normally do. Instead, the messages become confused and exaggerated, causing chronic, often excruciating pain that may persist for months — or even years.

This one makes sense to me after all the years with Herpes and then the nerve damage of the bone marrow test. These symptoms match the words I was trying to find to describe the “cramps” or “spasms”.  Well, I learned to live with Herpes until it vanished when I was with Izzy and it crippled me. This feels similar and is a lot better than the other ideas running around in my head’ We cleared it up with artesian bore water from Queensland and love. I learned to live within the framework of the herpes and I can do that now. I am still not bleeding. Its just pain. It explains the blurred vision and the raw soreness and confused mental states and it further drives home to me the GENTLENESS. Go gentle, Lynne or go mad.

I will see the acupuncturist this week and I sent an email to my doctor. Geez, I knew as I looked at him lying beside the road that all Hell was about to break loose and it surely has. Hey, Iz – how are you doing ?

Guess what ? Today we cut down the curry tree and picked a watermelon. I wanted to get rid of the garden but Kate has been keen to keep it and I think her instinct has been correct. I did one full Xmas because you loved them so and I shall endeavour to do – no I WILL do one garden for you. We have the best of hot chilli bushes there. You loved them so. Our little girl does the gentle massage you would have done for me. And she does it almost the same way you used to. Energy clearing. Well – this is the first thing that has made sense to me as regards these pains. I have lived through similar and through the process of discovering what they are and what to do with them – which includes my own nutritional instincts and meditations. Its simply part of the bereavement – the shattering separation of all that life with you meant,  Iz. I can do that. I can do that.

Sleep well, my Love.



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