Its quiet here tonight and I am now in Mourning. I did a few powerful things today. I rang RTA and found that the Kombi was already transferred to them. I got my electricity payments in order and I had the sense to ring LH in Yamba re Centrelink. She handled it all smoothly for me and in minutes. Address changed. Super declared. I think Taxes are next and they have the papers so I shall just call ATO and ask advice.

So that was big.

I also went to Doc Olivia and she told me about systemic herpes meningitis.  Sometimes, often in fact, I am caught in this whirl of illnesses and fear – and I am not having any part of it. Tomorrow acupuncture. $90 but that’s the end of the expenses.

There are many things I wish to do – like Byron Convention and Eden and the Bell Family March Get together but I am overwhelmed when I think of them and I have given myself one year in which I ask none of these things of myself.

I am able to work on my Old Proverbial Recovery tonight and that’s a first since Iz went.

Like so many who have lost someone, I have watched and waited in odd hopes of “a sign”. I don ‘t think I have been sent many – kind of – but last night when I was sighing over the loss,  a large black butterfly flew into the kitchen and stayed. The Black Butterfly is a book he loved.

I don’t think it was a sign but it was a nice butterfly. 



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