Richard Moss, Conscious Healing

The BLACK BUTTERFLY was one of his well loved books. Now for two nights I have been visited by a big black butterfly.

Conscious Healing

An Interview with Richard Moss M.D.

By Mary NurrieStearns


After a short medical practice, Richard Moss, experienced life-changing realizations that led him to his true calling: the exploration of spiritual awakening and its integration into daily life. His books include “The I That Is We,” “The Black Butterfly,” and “The Second Miracle.” For over twenty years, Richard has worked with groups, helping people throughout the world to transform their lives. He lives in Oakhurst, California with his wife and children.

Personal Transformation: Let’s begin with a general definition of healing.

Richard Moss: Healing has to do with a sense of meaning. Healing occurs when suffering no longer causes me to feel like a victim, or to contract, but brings me to a new sense of meaning about my life why I’m alive, what it means to be alive, what it means to be a man or a woman, what I want to share with the world around me, how I want to give myself to life. When a sense of meaning has come about, where before there was just suffering, healing has happened. That is a definition of healing at the level of how we feel or live. At the level of the physical body, healing is restoration of some function. As an organism, we are constantly repairing damage.

via Richard Moss, Conscious Healing.

via Richard Moss, Conscious Healing.


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