HAVING determined that staying home would be a wise idea with things as they are, I settled in for a peaceful non-eventful day. Facetime with Eden. Facebook.Occasional glance at the Tides. Next thing, in comes a potentially savage beast and plonks itself down beside my chair thereby blocking all exit routes for me. I tentatively scoop a pic and post it to FB. At the same time a friend known as Jeffrey posts that a white bull terrier named Boy is missing. TIMID and GENTLE. Within minutes Jeffrey is here to pick u p the Savage Beast but the S.B. also known as Sloth refuses to get into the car and remains in the Shack until the actual owner comes. ( Jeffrey being only a Neighbour).  The Owners are going overseas tomorrow and Boy is obviously not pleased about it.

DSCF5580 DSCF5578DSCF5574


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