Its still less than one year. A lot less really especially with the Coma tossed in there and a house move. No wonder then that I shimmer and shake and tremble at the edges.

Here is the wee poem I was looking for. An oddly comforting thing to me.

“You think that their
dying is the worst
thing that could happen.

Then they stay dead.”

― Donald Hall

lynne kayak2

I want to go to Nambucca Spiritual Concept Meeting but just don’t have the wherewithal. Soon the new Freeway will be built and that road will be far less intimidating. I am in need of lifts methinks. I shall hire Boz to do my lawns for $35. Maybe Sandra will do them one more time.

I don’t think I have ever seen X smile not even in photos and not even drunk. Poor child.

As for me – I  am still undecided. Very timid still. Early days Lass. Let it evolve however it does. I have washing on and my cutting thingos and an electric whipper snipper which I don’t yet know how to use. Its a  lovely day. How shall I spend it ?

Maybe stepwork is enough. The very nature of the last 9 months has left me with a load of resentments and other damage. They need to be bundled and incinerated or otherwise dealt with.

And for now I sit with ClassicFM on. Watching the trees and the Lagoon and thinking about almost nothing at all.


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