LIDO SHADOWDid the Meeting – and as usual it helped and a whole gang of them were going to A’s place to restore it to order. It is a legacy of his using , his raising of kids and early recovery and the whole pack of them were heading up to clean it for him. What a marvellous thing. I feel better for the meeting even though there isn’t anything particular I recall about it. That’s how they work. Healing of the Broken Spirits. You can’t explain it to anyone that it doesn’t work for, A healer of mine asked about it last week. I didn’t even try to argue or explain. It just works. Might make it my mission for the week. Meetings. Never led me astray before.

Now I am going to start a new blog for the 2 wanderers in Queensland.

I went for a swim this afternoon and the impact of the loss of Iz hit again as I sat on the bench. Life was so much easier with him in my world. We would have sat a while. Then I could have asked him for anything. And because I could ask him for anything, I didn’t.  But we would have shopped and gone for a drive and gone home together. Now its all gone. LIDO


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