Today is acupuncture. And Drainage for the lymph system. I have already been down to the lagoon and the tide is high on this grey day. I would like to do the Meeting in Urunga but Gina is here one more day so I shall go to her and for acupuncture. Since the cramps have stopped and I generally feel far better, i shall do the thing that is working.

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I met Kate and Clarz for a wee bit. They were going home to dye a T shirt orange for Saf’s Harmony Day at school. Then I went on to the CWA rooms for treatment. Today was Gina’s last day there and so i had a full lymphatic massage. $30. Very good indeed. I feel well when I am in there even knowing the liver is swollen and unwell. I like the atmosphere of a lot of us helping one another. I am home now and have had a swim in the Lido. The Shack has been inspected and all is truly well.


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