Living in a world entirely altered remains somewhat mechanical with conscious rehabilitatve replacement of activities. Today The tide was very high and the canoes and kayaks were out on the water. In the afternoon, I went to Saffy’s swimming lesson and watched the changing in her and Clarz. I am kind of alright encased in Urunga and now and then I am able to expand into Bellingen. Anywhere else overwhelms me. That’s OK. I know how to do this.Gently gently. I am moving through the days with more gentleness and calmness. My legs are almost fluid free today and although I have the ache in the region of the liver, the rest of me is OK and I still haven’t had the cramping.

One thing I saw today which warmed my heart was – my little one realised that all the other kids could swim but her and she was watching them and then a wee little lass took her hand and said “come on, I will teach you how. “

Such a lovely day it was.


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