About the Silverbird

Silverbird is about life without drugs and alcohol.  In Australia as it happens. God knows what else it will be about. For now – bear with me.



Well the Silverbird turned a little hectic in 2014. Just when I relaxed into a trusting loving relationship and home life, my man went running in the hills as he did each morning – and didn’t come home again. Dead beside the road from a massive heart attack.  Chaos re-entered my life and by the start of September I was in  a coma which lasted near to a month. Double pneumonia and some sort of superbug. The reduced income meant a house move and the loss of my Man took away music, and eating out and colour. The Musical Equipment and the Kombi disappeared into the night and it wasn’t until December that I came to Sanctuary here in the Beachshack.

 Now I enter 2015 – a greatly altered woman. DSCF3777


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