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Today , we are going up to Izzy’s Place again. This time it will be Warren, Maxie, Marguerite and me. I am looking forward to it.  I have only been up there 5 times. Once with the Police to where Izzy lay beneath a blue sheet with a large bump on his head and all breath done.

The second time we went to the wrong place about 1/2 kilometre short of the real grove. And we had the little ones with us. We carved his name into a tree which we now know was the wrong tree.

Third time, Jenny took me up to locate the right place and she nailed a cap to the tree and showed me where it is.


Then I too Bob Daisley up with Jenny on the day of the funeral. That had another dimension of the old friend suffering. In a flash new Jag we were.


Last time, we took the iron bark benches up. Warren and Annie, Kate and Jim, me and the little girls. It was pretty beautiful with company and cups of tea from Annie’s picnic hamper and an air of mischievousness.


This time, my Saffy won’t be there and I will be glad of that because her anguish needs no more stirring. WAZ AN CLAR KATE

I want to go and look. I want to talk grown up talk and see what else we can do there to make it a stopping place.

saffrons bench